Is QardioCore clinically validated?

Yes, QardioCore is a clinical-quality electrocardiogram recorder. QardioCore was developed in collaboration with physicians and clinical tests were conducted to prove its measurement accuracy.


Qardio creates products and services that conform to US quality, safety and security requirements for medical products, while delivering a modern user experience. Our devices are FDA approved, CE marked and clinically validated for results you can trust. 

QardioCore will be available for sale in the US after receiving US Food and Drug Administration clearance. QardioCore is currently available for sale in Europe (CE mark approved), Canada (Canada Health approved) Australia (TGA approved) and Hong Kong. 


QardioCore is a revolutionary wireless electrocardiogram monitor designed to improve detection and management of cardiac conditions while fitting with ease into your daily life. Learn more about QardioCore – the EKG/ECG monitor unlike any other.

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