Qardio App for Wear OS

Qardio App on Wear OS allows you to track your heart health and take measurements at any time, even without your phone being present.


Wear OS works seamlessly together with QardioArm and QardioBase, allowing you to review your measurements and take blood pressure readings by pressing a single button.


If the Qardio App is installed on your phone, it should immediately be available on your Wear OS device. When you open the App you will notice four main icons:




Starting up top and moving clockwise, the icons provide access to QardioArm pairing and taking measurements, QardioArm history, Friends & Family, and QardioBase.


The QardioArm feature on Wear OS allows you to pair your device and take measurements anytime and anywhere. Simply unwrap the cuff and follow the on screen instructions. You only need to pair once, from then on you can take measurements straight from your Wear OS device, even without your phone being present.

The history feature allows you to check your QardioArm measurements straight from your wrist. Your last measurement will always be first on display, swipe down to see your weekly and monthly average.

The QardioBase section of the Qardio App on Wear OS displays your last weight, body fat and muscle mass percentages so you’re completely up to date with your last recorded values.


You can also follow the progress of your friends and family and check in on their heart health through the Friends & Family section. Simply tap on the Friends & Family icon and swipe to the side to browse through the friends and family you are following. Their last measurement will always be first on display, swipe up to see their weekly and monthly averages to be completely up to date with their progress.


Qardio App is a free companion app that operates Qardio devices and keeps all your health data in one convenient place. Learn more about our revolutionary, award winning devices here.

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