How to share Temperature Data using Apple Health

For your healthcare provider to remotely monitor your temperature, you need to first accept their invitation, through email or the Qardio App. Once you are connected, your data will sync from the Qardio App back to their monitoring platform.


To share temperature data with your healthcare provider, you must allow the Qardio App to access your health data via Apple Health. To do this:

• Click the “Q” in the top left corner of the Qardio App to bring up the menu.

• Click “Settings” and turn on “Integrate with Apple Health”.

• The next screen will bring you to the Apple Health menu.

• Scroll down to the bottom section “ALLOW ‘QARDIO’ TO READ DATA:" and turn on Body Temperature

** Please note that you will only be able to see your temperature data in the Qardio App through the QardioCore section. You will NOT be able to view your integrated temperature data anywhere in the Qardio app if you have recorded any ECG sessions with QardioCore.


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Once you have accepted the invitation for monitoring, your provider will be able to access your temperature data in one of two ways:

• Use an Apple Health integrated smart thermometer, which can automatically sync your results with Apple Health.

• Use any thermometer and enter your data into Apple Health manually using Apple Health's 'Add Data' feature, as shown below.


Using an Apple Health integrated smart thermometer

You can use any brand of smart thermometer that is medically regulated and has an Apple Health integration. Read the manufacturer's specifications and look for the Apple Health icon. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on taking your measurement and turn on Apple Health integration with the connected thermometer app. Your data will be automatically synced to the Qardio App and sent to your healthcare provider for remote monitoring.

Manually enter temperature values in Apple Health

If you are not using a smart thermometer, you can manually enter your temperature measurements directly in Apple Health app.

For iOS 13.0+:

• Open Apple Health

• Tap “Browse” tab at the bottom

• Enter “Temperature” in the search field at the top and select “Body Temperature” from the results

• Tap the “Add Data” option in the upper right corner to enter a measurement

• Tap “Add” once you’re done to save the measurement data 


AH_Temp1.PNG AH_Temp2.PNG
AH_Temp3.PNG AH_Temp4.PNG


For iOS 12.0 and older:

• Open Apple Health

• Tap “Health Data” tab at the bottom

• Enter “Temperature” in the search field at the top, select “Body Temperature” from the results

• Tap the “+” at the upper right to enter a measurement

• Tap “Add” once you’re done to save the measurement data 


Qardio App will sync and send manually entered data to your healthcare provider if you are connected to them through QardioMD.  

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